Understanding The Drainage And Sewer System

The home plumbing system consists of very many sections and components.  There are several critical areas in your home plumbing system, which require special car and maintenance. The first critical part of your home plumbing system is the water supply piping network. The other critical part of your plumbing system is the hot water heater. All the plumbing control systems including the water meter and the main shutoff valve are among the most critical parts of your home plumbing system. The drainage and sewer system is another super critical part of your home plumbing system. The drainage and sewer system is quite elaborate and very important. The drainage and sewer is responsible for the disposal of all liquid and human waste from the house to the municipal sewer system or to the private septic tank. To help you understand the parts and workings of the drainage and sewer system, we have divided it into five sections.

The Drainage System

plumbing repair in CincinnatiThe drainage system includes all the drainage pipes in your house. These are all the pipes that carry wastewater in your house. These pipes are found in many rooms in the house including the bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, and any other area that produces wastewater. The drainage system also includes all the fixtures in your home plumbing system. There are very many fixtures in your home plumbing system including all the sinks, faucets, showers, bathtubs, toilets, and so on. All the repairs, installations, and maintenance of your drainage system are handled by professional plumbers who specialize in Cincinnati sewer services. The drainage system is connected to the sewer system deep underground where the sewer lines run.

The Underground Sewer Lines

The drainage pipes in your house are connected to the sewer lines that carry all the wastewater and other waste to the municipal sewer system or to your private septic tank. Sewer lines are mainly installed below the ground, which means that they run under your house and under the soil in your compound. Sewer lines carry wastewater or sewage from the house. Underground sewer lines can develop all kinds of problems including tree root infiltration, leaking, breakage, old age, clogging and many others. If you are connected to the municipal sewer system, then all the sewer lines in your plumbing system empty into the main sewer pipe installed by the local municipal body or organization.

The Main Sewer Pipe

The main sewer pipe is a huge sewer line installed by the local municipal body. This pipe is connected to all individual sewer lines that come from houses in that particular neighborhood. It carries all the wastewater from different homes to the municipal sewer system.

The Septic Tank

Septic tanks are private sewer installations for handling and disposing of wastewater or sewage. They are usually located some distance away from the house. Private septic tanks are usually used by homes that are not connected to the municipal sewer system mostly in rural areas. These facilities usually feature a septic drain fields where all the sewage is disposed of into the soil.

The Municipal Sewer System

The municipal or local sewer system is a specially designed sewage disposal system that caters for all the homes in a certain neighborhood. All the sewer systems in that area dispose of all their sewage in the municipal sewer system. All this waste flows to a sewage treatment plant where it is treated and disposed of properly.