Let G & R Plumbing Handle Your Repiping For You

At G & R Plumbing we have been proudly offering repiping services to Southern Ohioans for nearly 40 years. Our plumbers have a whopping 100 years of combined experience when it comes to this service. This means that when you let us handle your repiping, you will be leaving this delicate task in the right hands. And that is important: if pipes are installed wrong, it can compromise your entire property. So the next time you have a repiping project, give us a call and we will be happy to provide you with a quote.

We Offer Residential And Commercial Repiping

Unlike many plumbing companies in the area, we offer both residential and commercial repiping services. Residentially, we have done repiping for homes and apartment buildings of all layouts and sizes. Commercially, our repiping projects have included schools, administration buildings, and businesses large and small. The flexibility to work on any type of repiping project for any customer has made us the go-to repiping company here in Southern Ohio.

We Are The Trusted Name In Repiping

When it comes to repiping services, we are the plumbing company that Southern Ohioans trust.  Our reviews and testimonials attest to this fact. The clients we have worked with (including large and successful businesses) have been very happy with our repiping services. Our clients know that repiping projects leave no room for error. If repiping is not done exactly right, it will cause inconvenient project delays, costly repairs, and countless headaches. That is why our clients turn to us to get the job done right. When you call us for your next repiping project, you will see why we have earned such positive reviews from so many of our clients.

We Offer Affordable Repiping Services

Our repeat clients turn to us for repiping projects because we are a trusted plumbing company. They also turn to us because we provide affordable repiping services. If you have been shopping around for the best price on a repiping project, look no further. We offer affordable, flat-rate pricing on all of our services, including repiping. We believe in treating all of our customers with courtesy and respect. This means offering the fair, transparent pricing. It also means offering affordable financing on repiping services. That is right, if you cannot pay for the project upfront, you may qualify for one of our generous financing plans.

We Are The Most Efficient Plumbing Company Around

If you are dreading a lengthy, inconvenient repiping project, you need not worry. We offer some of the most efficient and convenient repiping services around. We believe that paying close attention to all of the details helps the job go quicker and smoother. For example, the trucks that we drive out to our job sites are stocked with all of the tools that we need for the project. We also make a point to work around your schedule, and can even offer emergency plumbing services if needed.

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