Pros And Cons Of Wall Mounted/Hung Toilets

There are very many types of toilets in the market today. Toilets come in very many designs to suit various uses and preferences. We are all familiar with the traditional gravity-feed toilet. This toilet uses gravity to flush human waste into the sewer system. But now we have pressure-assisted toilets like flushometers and dual-flush toilets that use compressed air to flush human waste. These toilets conserve a lot of water and are hence very eco-friendly. Most American homes have the traditional two-piece toilets. But many people are now investing in one-piece toilets that feature a sleeker and more compact design. Most people still use floor-standing toilets in their homes. These are the traditional toilets that are installed on the floor. But we now have wall mounted or wall hung toilets. As the name implies, wall mounted/hung toilets are installed on the wall in the bathroom. You only see the toilet bowl because the toilet tank is installed inside the bathroom wall. Wall mounted toilets have a control panel for flushing the toilet. You can also remove the panel to access the hidden toilet tank. Let us now look at the advantages and disadvantages of wall mounted/hung toilets.


plumber in CincinnatiLike innovative faucets and sinks, along with all other plumbing fixtures and appliances, wall mounted toilets have their fair share of advantages over the traditional floor-standing toilets. The following are some of the major pros of installing a wall hung toilet in your bathroom.

Classy Bathroom Look

Wall mounted toilets give your bathroom a sleek classy look. Guests will be awed by your bathroom because they will only find a classy toilet bowl instead of the whole toilet in your bathroom. Plus the operating controls are very innovative and classy.

Minimal Space

As you can easily guess, a wall mounted toilet takes up very little space in the bathroom. The toilet tank is installed inside the wall so you only need space for the toilet bowl. This will save a lot of space in your bathroom.

Easier To Clean

Having a wall mounted toilet will make those hectic bathroom cleaning routines far much easier. The toilet bowl of the wall mounted toilet is hung on the wall. This means that you can easily clean the area below the toilet bowl. Remember that the area around the toilet bowl in a floor-standing toilet is very hard to clean.


Wall mounted toilets offer several disadvantages to the owner. Let us now look at the major cons of installing a wall mounted toilet.

Expensive To Buy

Wall mounted toilets cost a little bit more than floor standing toilets. This is expected considering the many innovative features that come with this type of toilet. You will have to invest a little bit more in this toilet.

Expensive To Install

Wall mounted toilets are expensive and hard to install. Whereas you can install an ordinary floor-standing toilet on your own, you will have to pay for a plumbing service in Cincinnati to have your wall hung toilet installed by a professional plumber. This is mainly because the toilet tank is installed inside the bathroom walls and the bowl is hung on the wall.

Expensive To Maintain

Repairing a wall mounted toilet can be quite tricky. You will have to call a professional plumber for the job. This means that maintaining this toilet is quite costly.