Plumbing Maintenance
G & R Plumbing Can Service All Of Your Plumbing Maintenance Needs

Unfortunately, many home and business owners neglect plumbing maintenance. The attitude seems to be “If it isn’t broken, why fix it?” The problem with this attitude is that neglecting routine plumbing maintenance can cause things to break, and at the worst times. In that regard, plumbing maintenance is very similar to car maintenance. And just like you would only entrust your car maintenance to a reputable, capable mechanic, you should only entrust your plumbing maintenance to an honest and experienced plumbing company. Our service technicians have over a century of combined experience performing plumbing maintenance all over Southern Ohio. We will make sure that your pipes and plumbing fixtures last for years to come.

Maintaining Appliances

Did you know that major plumbing appliances – including water heaters and water softeners – should be maintained once a year, to ensure that they are working properly? Water heaters and water softeners can last between 10 and 20 years, typically. Whether or not your appliance makes it to twenty years depends on how well it is maintained. We can inspect your appliances and make necessary repairs, so that you are able to get the most out of them. If it has been a year or more since you have had plumbing maintenance services on your appliances, give us a call.

Maintaining Pipes

It is also essential that you perform routine maintenance on your pipes. Pipes can freeze, crack, and corrode. If these conditions are left untreated, your pipe could eventually burst, or fail completely. Trust us, this is a situation that you do not want to find yourself in. In order to prevent this plumbing disaster from happening, give us a call and let our service technicians inspect all of your pipes with our modern technology. This will greatly increase the lifespan of your pipes.

We Provide Commercial And Residential Plumbing Maintenance

We routinely go on maintenance service calls to homes in Southern Ohio. We also make frequent maintenance calls to businesses in the area. When something goes wrong with the plumbing at a business, the profits suffer. This is why it is every bit as important for business owners to call for maintenance services as it is for homeowners. No matter how big your business facility is, we can perform thorough inspection and maintenance services. We are highly experienced in this regard, and have recommendations from several of the area’s top businesses.

Plumbing Maintenance
We Offer Affordable Maintenance Services

One of the main reasons that people neglect plumbing maintenance is that it just doesn’t fit their budget. We definitely understand that concern. That is why we offer affordable, flat-rate fees for plumbing maintenance. We believe that this necessary service should never be put off due to high costs. Also, plumbing maintenance can lengthen the lifespan of pipes and appliances, and prevent serious issues from happening. In the long run, this will actually save you money.

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