Maintaining Clean Drains In Cincinnati, OH

Why You Need To Take Care Of Your Drains In Cincinnati, OH

Cincinnati, OH has a very good sewer system. In fact most of the homes and commercial buildings in the city have some of the best plumbing systems in the country. The sewer system is one of the most critical parts of the plumbing system. This is because it’s responsible for draining out all wastewater from your house in Cincinnati, OH to the main sewer system or to a private septic tank. Maintaining a good sewer system requires quite a bit of work on the side of the homeowner. You have to focus on the two main parts of the sewer system, namely the drainage system and the underground sewer system. Today we are only interested in the care and maintenance of the drainage system and more specifically the drains. We have many types of drains in the house including:

·       Toilet drains

·       Kitchen sink drains

·       Bathroom sink drains

·       Shower drains

·       Bathtub drains

·       Floor drains

drainage plumbing in CincinnatiYou need to take good care of all these drains otherwise you will have some very serious problems in the house. Neglecting your drains will cause the following problems in your house in Cincinnati, OH:

·       Bad odors

·       Frequent drain clogs

·       Permanent damage to the drainage system

As you can see, these problems are quite serious. If you end up ruining your drainage system, you will need the services of a Cincinnati plumbing contractor like G & R Plumbing to fix the mess. These services can be quite costly in Cincinnati, OH. The good news is that you can prevent all these drainage problems by implementing very easy and cheap preventative maintenance on your drainage system. Today we are going to look at some of the preventative maintenance measures that you can implement to keep your drains in excellent condition in Cincinnati, OH.

Watch The Hair

One of the main causes of clogs in shower and bathtub drains in Cincinnati, OH is hair. You should ensure that no hair goes down your shower drains when you are showering. You should also trap hair when you are in the bathtub. Installing a wire mesh filter over the shower drains will trap all hairs. You should clean and remove all these trapped hairs as soon as you finish taking your shower.

No Grease In The Sink

Kitchen sink drains suffer some very serious clogs due to careless waste disposal. This usually happens because many people do not know what food remnants should go into the garbage disposal. Avoid putting grease, coffee grounds, and large bones in the garbage disposal. This should prevent clogs in the kitchen sink drains.

Install Drain Covers

Floor drains are usually found in the laundry room, basement, or even outdoors in Cincinnati, OH. Floor drains can clog due to the accumulation of debris. Install drain covers to prevent debris and other foreign objects from going down the floor drains.

Mind What You Flush

Toilet clogs are usually caused by bad flushing habits in Cincinnati, OH. Always observe the one golden rule for flushing toilets. Only flush human waste and tissue paper in your toilet in Cincinnati, OH.

Routine Drain Cleaning

You should clean your drains thoroughly at least once per year. Use vinegar and hot water to remove all clog-forming gunk, hair balls, and biofilm from your drainage system. More details about drain cleaning services can be seen at