How To Prevent Toilet And Drain Clogs At Home

Toilet and drain clogs are among the nastiest plumbing problems. For starters, they are very common. They occur very frequently and they can really mess things in your house. When your sink and shower drains are clogged, you will notice that the waste water won’t flow down the drainage pipes into the sewer system. Toilet clogs are even worse because they can cause severe sewer backups. You kitchen and bathroom will start flooding with liquid waste when your toilet and drains are clogged. The good news is that you can easily prevent toilet and drain clogs from occurring in your house. But the truth is that you can’t really prevent clogs from occurring. Some clogs are caused by external factors that we can’t control. But you can minimize the occurrence of toilet and drain clogs by doing the following.

Proper Flushing Habits

The funny thing about most plumbing problems is that they are caused by our own negligence and carelessness. You can really trim that plumbing repair bill by being more responsible. For instance, you can avoid toilet clogs by adopting responsible flushing habits. Toilet clogs are mainly caused by bad waste disposal habits. One thing that you should know about the toilet is that it’s designed for flushing human waste and tissue paper only. You should never flush any solid waste in the toilet. In fact you should not use the toilet to dispose any other thing except human waste and tissue paper. If you remain true to this flushing policy, then you will not suffer those frequent toilet clogs in your house.

No Grease In The Sink

Another example of how you can avoid plumbing repair in Cincinnati is by using your sinks properly. You should never dump fats, oils, and greases in your sinks. When this kind of waste accumulates in your drainage pipes, it coagulates to form muck. It traps any other solid waste to form a very serious clog in your drainage pipes. You can always dispose oils, fats, and greases in your garbage bin. You should always be very careful when cleaning utensils by hand to avoid dumping grease in the sink.

Use The Garbage Bin

plumbing repair in CincinnatiWe cannot overemphasize the importance of using the garbage bin to dispose of solid waste. Even if you have a garbage disposal under your sink, you should still opt for the garbage bin as much as possible. For starters, using the garbage bin instead of the garbage disposal saves you water and energy. You will trim your water and energy bill significantly if you stick to the bin. The other advantage of using the garbage bin is that you do not run the risk of clogging your sink drains. The moment you allow solid waste to go down your drains, that is when you start creating your clog. This solid waste can be trapped in the drainage pipes to cause a very serious clog.

Install Screen Traps

A simple solution to prevent sink and shower drain clogs is the installation of screen taps. Shower drain clogs are usually caused by the accumulation of hair, pieces of soap, and other debris in the shower drain pipes. All these things pass through the shower drain hole to clog your pipes. A screen trap will catch all manner of debris and solid waste before it goes through to clog your drainage pipes.