How To Prevent Heavy Water Leaks In The House

Water leaks can occur at any time in any part or section of your home plumbing system. Water leaks are caused by myriad factors in the house. High water pressure can cause heavy leaks in your piping system and even in your plumbing appliances. Water leaks can also occur in your plumbing fixtures due to physical damage, loose connections, or old age. All water leaks should be fixed immediately to avoid heavy water loss and flooding in the house. Most people ignore slow water leaks because they seem harmless. But what we all tend to forget is that even that slow-dripping faucet will lead to the loss of gallons of water if not fixed immediately. In the case of slow-leaking water supply pipes, they can easily burst if not fixed immediately. Burst water supply pipes will flood the house. Not to mention that they will deprive you of one of the most essential resources; clean water.

As you can see, it’s very important that all leaks be fixed as soon as possible to avoid plumbing disasters. When it comes to heavy water leaks, you do not have a choice but to act fast and request Cincinnati plumbing repair services. Otherwise your house will flood and you will suffer heavy water loss. But as we always say, prevention is better than cure. You can try to prevent heavy leaks in your house by implementing the following plumbing measures.

Fix Slow-Leaking Pipes

plumbing repair in CincinnatiSlow water leaks can deteriorate very fast into heavy water leaks. That is why you should not ignore any slow leaking pipe. Even those slow pinhole leaks should be fixed immediately. When a pipe starts leaking slowly, the pressure of the incoming water exerts more pressure on the leaking spot or hole. This causes the hole or crack to enlarge with time. And if this crack or hole is not sealed immediately, the slow leak will become a very heavy leak. If the pipe is not fixed on time, it will burst and flood the house. All slow-leaking pipes should be fixed immediately.

Fix Slow-Leaking Fixtures And Appliances

Water leaks can occur in all types of plumbing fixtures and appliances. Most leaks start of slow. They appear harmless and many people tend to ignore them until they become heavy water leaks. For your plumbing fixtures, you can find that one or several of your faucets or showerheads are leaking slowly. In other words, you can find these fixtures dripping some water when turned off. Do not ignore these slow leaks. You can always try to fix a slow leaking faucet or showerhead on your own. But you should also consider calling a professional plumber for a permanent solution. Plumbing appliances, such as washing machines, dishwashers, and water heaters, can also develop slow water leaks. Call your local plumber immediately to have these slow leaks fixed before they become heavy water leaks.

Winterize The House

One of the most common causes of heavy water leaks during the old season is frozen pipes. You should winterize your home plumbing system before the winter season kicks in. Freezing causes the water supply pipes to crack and burst thereby causing flooding in the house. Insulate all your exposed water supply pipes to avoid frozen pipes.