How To Lower Your Hot Water Bill In Cincinnati, OH

You Water Heater In Cincinnati, OH Consumes Too Much Energy

Cincinnati, OH uses a lot of energy heating water. How water heaters are a great deal in this city. And it’s quite understandable that you need hot water to survive in the city. In Cincinnati, OH we use hot water for all kinds of thing including:

·       Showering and bathing

·       Dining

·       Cooking

·       Washing dishes

·       Washing clothes

This means that hot water heaters are very important plumbing appliances in Cincinnati, OH. Most people in the United States use conventional storage water heaters. But the problem with these water heaters is that they waste too much energy. Conventional storage water heaters have hot water storage tanks or reservoirs. The stored hot water loses too much heat energy. That is why we recommend replacing or upgrading your conventional storage water heater with a tankless water heater. Anyway, today we are going to look at all the ways that you can reduce your hot water energy bill in Cincinnati, OH. Consult a reliable Cincinnati plumber for upgrade options and more ways to conserve water and energy.Cincinnati water heater services

Regulate The Temperature

You should reduce the temperature of your hot water heater so that you energy bill can remain low. You are billed every month by your power or gas company in Cincinnati, OH. Water heaters use several types of fuel including:

·       Electricity

·       Natural gas

·       Propane

·       Geothermal energy

·       Fuel oil

·       Solar

According to the federal Department of Energy, you should set your water heater at 120 degrees to reduce energy wastage. Most water heaters in Cincinnati, OH are set at 140 degrees. But you can minimize energy loss by reducing the temperature to 120 degrees. This will not only minimize energy loss but it will also help avid burns and scalds. Too high of temperatures in your water heater can cause burns and scalds when showering and bathing.

Shorter Showers And Baths

In order to reduce your hot water bill, you should make a habit of taking shorter showers and baths. Some people spend too much time in the shower. Remember that the hot water is running all the time you are in the shower. Reduce your hot water bill by taking shorter showers in Cincinnati, OH.


You should insulate your water heater before the old season. This is called winterizing your plumbing system. You should not leave the hot water tank exposed during the cold season. Most water heaters in Cincinnati, OH are installed in the basement or outdoors. This exposes the hot water storage tank to the cold winter temperatures. You should wrap your water heater with an insulating blanket to prevent heat loss during the cold water. The hot water loses a lot of heat during the cold season. Insulating your hot water heater will help reduce your energy bill significantly.


And last but not least, you should consider upgrading to a high efficiency tankless water heater to reduce your energy bill in Cincinnati, OH. Generally, tankless water heaters cost more money to buy and install. But they save you money in the long run. G & R Plumbing, whose reviews can be seen at,  can help recommend what type and size is best to fit the needs of your household.  Having a new, energy efficient model will save on water, energy, and money.