Do And Don’ts For A Gas Leak

Many plumbing companies in Cincinnati, OH, provide separate leak detection and repair services. They offer water leak detection and repair services separately from gas leak detection and repair services. This means that they maintain two separate plumbing divisions; one for general plumbing services and the other for gas plumbing services. Gas leaks are usually treated more seriously than water leaks. This is mainly because gas leaks are more dangerous than water leaks. This does not mean that water leaks should be ignored all together. Water leaks can be equally dangerous especially if they cause flooding in the house. But all gas leaks including minor gas leaks are quite potent.

Gas leaks can cause fires and explosions in the house. This is because gas is a highly flammable fuel. As such, all gas leaks should be treated as plumbing emergencies. You should not hesitate to call a licensed Cincinnati gas plumber if you suspect or detect a gas leak in your house. You should also observe the following safety precautions when dealing with a gas leak in your home.


There are several things that you should never do when you suspect or detect a gas leak in your house. There are also several things that you should do to help fix the problem in a safe and convenient way. Let us first look at the things that you should do when you suspect or detect a gas leak in your home.

Turn Off The Gas

Cincinnati gas plumberIt’s highly advisable that you turn off all the gas at the main gas shutoff valve. This is only possible if you know where the main shutoff valve is located. The main shutoff valve is usually installed in homes that are connected to the main natural gas or propane gas lines. But if you use liquefied petroleum gas or liquid petroleum gas (LPG or LP gas), you should turn off the gas by closing the gas cylinder valve. Shutting off the gas will stop gas emissions and reduce the danger.

Shut Off All Gas Appliances

You should also shut off all the gas appliances. This is after shutting off the gas. Shut off all the gas appliances including the pilot lights.

Open Doors And Windows

You can now open all windows and doors to clear or dissipate the gas from your house.

Call A Licensed Gas Fitter

Now you can call a professional gas plumber to come fix the problem. The professional gas plumber will diagnose the problem and apply an appropriate solution. He can even contact your gas supply company to determine whether the problem is in the main gas supply line.


You should never do the following things when you have a gas leak in your house. These actions will put you and your house in great danger.

Never Light A Flame

You should never light a flame during a gas leak. Do not use matches or a lighter to look for the gas leak or to locate the main shutoff valve. Do not even smoke a cigarette in the house during a gas leak.

Never Try To Fix A Heavy Gas Leak

You should never try to fix a gas leak on your own. You will be putting yourself in great danger. Leave it to the professionals.

Never Use Electrical Appliances

Never turn on any electrical appliances during a gas leak. A small electrical spark will cause a serious explosion in your house.