Common Causes Of Noisy Faucets

Sometimes you turn on your shower or a faucet and hear a lot of noise. These loud noises are caused by various factors. The key to an excellent plumbing system is proper care and maintenance. You should always ensure that every part of your home plumbing system is in good condition. This necessitates regular inspections of the whole plumbing system. You can and should inspect your home plumbing system regularly if you have the time. You should try to inspect every part of your plumbing system once a week or fortnightly depending on your availability. You should also hire a professional plumber to thoroughly inspect your home plumbing. A professional plumbing inspection is very important because there are some parts of the plumbing system that you cannot access on your own. You need special equipment and plumbing skills to access the sewer pipes installed underneath your house. Request Cincinnati plumbing services to have your house inspected by a professional plumber every few months. Let us now get back to that noisy faucet in your kitchen or bathroom. There are several causes of this noise and we are going to discuss all of them below.

Clogged Aerator

Cincinnati plumbing servicesOne of the most common causes of a noisy faucet is a clogged aerator. The aerator is the screen that is screwed into the tip of your faucet. If your aerator is coated or clogged with mineral deposits, then the tap will start producing noise. This clogging problem is very common in places with hard water or lime scale. You can fix this problem very easily without even calling a professional plumber. Just unscrew the tip of the faucet and remove the aerator. Turn the tap back on and listen. If there is no noise, then you will be sure that the problem was in the clogged aerator. Buy a new aerator and insert it into the faucet and the noise is gone.

Damaged Washers

Another common cause of noisy faucets is damaged washers. The faucet has washers in the handles. If you check and find that the aerator is not the problem, then you should proceed to inspect the washers. Remove the whole faucet and inspect the washers. The washers could be worn-out due to old age or incorrectly sized. This could be causing the noise in your faucet. Replace the old, damaged, or incorrectly sized washers with new fitting washers. This should solve the noise problem in your faucet.

Water Pressure Problems

High water pressure in your water supply system can cause your faucets to make noise. You can easily test whether this is the problem or not. Use a pressure gauge to test your home water pressure. If the water pressure is above 80 psi, then you need to install a pressure regulator in the water supply system on your water main line. This will help reduce or remove the noise and also protect your plumbing pipes, fixtures, and appliances.

Old Worn-Out Pipes

Another common cause of strange noises in faucets and showers is old clogged pipes or pipes that are too small to accommodate your water supply needs. This problem usually occurs in old homes with very old pipes. You should have all these old, worn-out, and/or very small pipes replaced with new ones to solve noisy faucets in your home.