Advantages Of Trenchless Pipe Repair And Replacement

Trenchless pipe repair and replacement has easily overtaken the traditional dig-and-replace method to become one of the most popular plumbing technologies in use today. Trenchless technology is popular in many other technical fields more specifically the civil engineering and construction industries. Just like the name implies, trenchless technology does not involve digging trenches. The plumber simply digs two holes to access the start and the end of the pipe. If the pipe requires repairs, then the resin for patching up the pipe is inserted at one end and guided through to the other end. If the pipe needs replacing with a new one, the new pipe is inserted inside the old pipe and pulled through to emerge at the other end. Except for the two holes at both ends of the pipe, there is no other disturbance on the ground under which the pipe runs. As you can see, trenchless technology is quite amazing. Traditionally, plumbers were forced to dig up your yard for the entire length of the damaged pipe in order to implement repairs or to replace it. This is no longer necessary. Let us look at the main reasons why trenchless pipe repair and replacement has become so popular.

Less Intrusive

Cincinnati plumbing servicesNow that you know how trenchless technology works, you can easily tell that it’s less intrusive. Imagine having your perfectly landscaped yard all dug up to repair or replace a damaged underground sewer line. This can be really inconvenient and costly considering that you will have to pay for the landscaping of your yard again after the sewer line repairs. Modern plumbers combine trenchless technology with sewer camera inspections to create a very accurate plumbing solution for sewer line problems. The underground sewer camera inspections do not involve digging your yard to inspect your sewer lines. The plumber inserts a remote-controlled waterproof video camera in your sewer lines and then moves the entire length of the pipe to inspect its interior condition. He will pinpoint the exact faults in your sewer lines and determine where to drill the two holes that are required for trenchless pipe repair and replacement. It’s all very convenient and neat.

Faster And Cheaper

With the traditional dig-and-replace method, many plumbing technicians and heavy machinery was required to dig up your yard. This was both expensive and time consuming. But with trenchless pipe repair and replacement, only a few technician and basic equipment are required to do the job. Trenchless pipe repair and replacement is a cheaper and faster plumbing service in Cincinnati.


The gaping holes used to access underground sewer lines in the traditional dig-and-replace method pose a very serious risk. Plumbers and other people can fall in these holes and get hurt. The good thing about trenchless pipe repair and replacement is that no such dangerous holes are dug during the procedure.


Because there is minimal ground intrusion with the trenchless method, the natural environment is preserved. Your yard will remain immaculate and the vegetation cover will not be destroyed. That is why trenchless pipe repair and replacement is considered environmentally friendly.

High Quality Plumbing

With trenchless technology, plumbers use high quality plumbing materials. This method is used to replace low quality sewer pipes with high quality ones. You can be assured that the pipes repaired or replaced using trenchless technology are of very high quality and will hence last for a very long time.