Advantages Of Installing A Smart Water Meter

Technology has revolutionized the way we live. There are so many innovative products in the world today all designed to improve our lives. The plumbing industry has not been left behind by this new wave of technological innovations. There are many innovative plumbing fixtures, appliances, and installations in the market today. These innovative plumbing products are usually referred to as smart plumbing fixtures and appliances. Most of these smart plumbing devices are designed to conserve limited resources like water and energy. They are usually high efficiency plumbing devices designed to monitor resource consumption and to curb wastage. When it comes to water consumption, smart water meters are the new kids on the block. Smart water meters have been around for some time now but they have not really peaked like smart electrical meters. But due to drought and persistent water shortages across the country, smart water meters are becoming a common feature in most plumbing systems, and they assist in plumbing maintenance, as well. Today we are going to look at the advantages of installing a smart water meter.

Water Conservation

Smart water meters enable us to conserve water. Smart water meters monitor water usage. Standard water meters only record your water consumption throughout before the meter reader from your utility company arrives at the end of the month to check the amount consumed and issue you with the bill. Smart water meters enable the water utility company to monitor water usage in your home throughout remotely. The utility company can notice spikes in your water consumption and issue you with a warning. This helps curb water wastage. The spike can be caused by a water leak. This means that you will be able to call a professional Cincinnati plumber in time and have the leak fixed immediately. This will help conserve water in your household.

Save Money

Cincinnati leak detectionBy helping conserve water at home, a smart water meter will save you a lot of money. If you install a smart water meter, you will not incur heavy monthly water bills. The smart water meter will help you curb water wastage at home. The utility company will alert you in case there is heavy water usage at home. For instance if you are away from home and there is a heavy pipe leak, the utility company will notice this anomaly remotely and call you. You will instantly head back home and call a plumber to fix the leak. This will help you save lots of money in your monthly water bill.

Prevent Water Meter Reading Scams

Many people have had their homes burglarized by fake water and electric meter readers. This is hard to believe if it has never happened to you, but it’s true. There have been many reports of people pretending to be agents of utility companies knocking on doors and stealing cash and jewelry when the homeowner is not looking. You can avoid all these problems by installing a smart water meter. The utility company will not need to send people to your house to read the meter if it’s the smart type. They will just bill you electronically.

Accurate Readings

Smart water meters offer more accurate readings than the standard water meters. This means that if you install a smart water meter, you will only be billed for the exact amount of water that you use every month. This is both economical and reliable.