3 Reasons Why You Need A Battery Powered Backup Sump Pump

Floodwater can cause very many plumbing problems in your home. Floodwater can damage your valuables in the basement and in other parts that are flooded during a rainstorm. Floodwater can also ruin the foundation of your house, the floors and walls in your basement, and even cause health problems in your household. That is why you should always be prepared for flooding especially if you live in an area that is prone to heavy rainstorms and flooding. And the most effective way of preventing flooding in your house is by installing a sump pump.

A sump pump is a mechanical device that is installed in a hole called a sump pit in the basement. This device is electrically powered and it starts pumping out flood water automatically from the basement when the water reaches a certain level. It’s highly advisable that you install two sump pumps in your home; the main electrically powered sump pump and a backup battery powered sump pump. You should install the backup sump pump above the ground so that it kicks in when the main sump pump fails. Here are three major reasons why you should install a backup battery powered sump pump.

Operates When The Main Sump Pump Fails

The main sump pump is usually hooked up to an electrical power source in the house. This presents quite a serious problem during a heavy rainstorm. Remember that electrical blackouts or power failure usually occurs when there is a heavy rainstorm. This means that your main sump pump is likely to fail when you need it most; during a heavy rainstorm. In order to prevent flooding during a power blackout, you need to have a backup battery powered sump pump. The best backup sump pump should have a rechargeable battery. Anyway, this battery powered sump pump will start working automatically when the main sump pump fails. This means that you will always be protected from flooding by the two sump pumps.

Easier To Maintain

This is a great advantage that many people are not aware of. Battery powered backup sump pumps are easier to maintain than electrically powered main sump pumps. This is mainly because they are installed above the ground, which means that they are easier to access in case you need to repair them. They also seldom have to work because the main sump pump is always at work. This means that they break down rarely. If you wish to install a battery powered backup sump pump, just call any reliable Cincinnati plumbing company for advice. They will help you choose the right size and model and even install it for you.

Early Flood Warnings

Cincinnati plumbing companyModern battery powered backup sump pumps are very advanced and sophisticated. They are able to forewarn you about imminent flooding problems. This will help you plan on time and even call for help before flooding occurs. These modern backup sump pumps have many advanced features for monitoring the battery status, for self-testing to ensure that they are always in good working condition, and for alerting you in case there is a problem or a risk of flooding. This means that this device will protect you and your household in case of heavy rainstorms in your locality.  Check both of your sump pumps as part o your plumbing maintenance routine to greatly reduce chances of flooding and water damage.