The entire area has a lot to offer to tourists and residents alike

When it comes to planning a vacation, you have lots of variables to consider. Where to go? Who to bring? What to do? You want to make sure you go to the right place that can accommodate the interests of everyone in your party, no matter how old they are. Cincinnati is a popular tourist location because the city is well-planned and has much to offer parties of any size. Some of the best things to do around the area include: Click here for facts about Cincinnati, OH.


  • Carew Tower

  • Riverwalk


Anderson Township is located approximately 13 miles southeast of downtown Cincinnati, and it is one of the most populous townships in the state, sitting right around 43,000 residents. Many people who travel to Cincinnati prefer staying in Anderson Township because they can stay in hotels with better prices while still having the city just a few minutes away. Click here to read about Why You Should Visit Miami Township, Ohio.

Carew Tower

If you’re new to the Cincinnati area, this is likely one of the best places for you and your group to check out, assuming you all don’t mind being 49 stories up. This tower gives you wonderful panoramic views of the entire Cincinnati area and it is truly an unmatched experience that everyone loves.

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