One of the most popular general plumbing services in Cincinnati, OH, is water leak detection and repair. In the Cincinnati gas plumbing industry, gas leak detection and repair is one of the most requested services. All professionally trained plumbers provide leak detection and repair services. This is one service that you will find in the service catalog of all plumbers in Cincinnati. But you have to differentiate between water leak detection services and gas leak detection services because these two are provided by different plumbers. Water leak detection services are provided by general plumbers in Cincinnati. Gas leak detection services are provided by gas line plumbers in the city. But both types of leak detection services are usually offered as Cincinnati leak services by established plumbers who maintain both general and gas plumbing divisions in their companies. It’s important to note that not all plumbing companies in Cincinnati provide gas plumbing services. Therefore when we are taking about leak detection services offered in the city, we are mainly referring to water leak detection services. But in this article, we will also include gas leak detection services because they are also available in the city. Let us now look at the main leak detection services that are offered to residential and commercial plumbing clients in Cincinnati, OH.

Slab Leak Detection

Slab leaks are considered to be among the most serious water leaks in any plumbing system. Slab leaks occur in water supply pipes and drainage and sewer lines that run below the ground. As such, all slab leaks occur below the ground, which means that they are not easy to detect or repair. Professional plumbers in Cincinnati, like G & R Plumbing, use the latest plumbing tools and equipment to detect and confirm slab leaks before implementing the necessary repairs.

Water Supply Leak Detection

Water supply pipes are the main culprits of water leaks. Many water leaks occur in your water supply lines. A leak in your water supply line can be very serious because it can deprive you and your household of clean water. It can also cause the water supply pipes to burst and flood your house. If you are having a water shortage in your house and you confirm with your water supply company that the problem is not at their end, then you need to call a professional plumber to inspect your water supply pipes for leaks.

Plumbing Fixtures Leak Detection

There are very many plumbing fixtures in the house and any of these can develop a leak. Leaks in plumbing fixtures are easy to spot. You can easily see when your facets or showers are leaking. But there is one very elusive leak that occurs in a very special plumbing fixture. This is the leaking toilet. It’s very hard to tell whether your toilet tank is leaking or not. You can use food coloring to confirm the leak or you can call a professional leak detection plumber for assistance.

Plumbing Appliances Leak Detection

Like leaking plumbing fixtures, it’s very easy to identify a leaking appliance. You will find pools of water beneath your leaking washing machine, dishwasher, and any other leaking appliance. You will still need to call a professional plumber for repairs.

Gas Leak Detection Services

Gas leak detection services are offered by gas plumbers in Cincinnati, OH. They will trace the source of the gas leak and fix the problem before it gets out of hand.