Reasons why the Cincinnati area is great for tourists

When it comes time to start planning out a trip for your next vacation, don’t be too quick to write-off the Cincinnati area. Many people run for the beaches and the coast come summer time, but they’re missing some of the most fun that middle America has to offer. Many people travel with a group, sometimes with older and younger people, and need to find something to interest everyone. Cincinnati truly has something for everyone, and some of the bes things across the Newtown area include: More can be found here.


  • Roebling Suspension Bridge

  • Spring Grove Cemetery & Arboretum


Newtown is a village in southeastern Hamilton County, Ohio, and it isn’t located too far from Cincinnati. With a population under 3,000, it’s a small rural town that appeals mostly to those who don’t enjoy city life, but still may work in the city, or prefer visiting it from time to time. Visit about Why You Should Visit Ancor, Ohio.

Roebling Suspension Bridge

The Roebling Suspension Bridge is an architectural masterpiece and one of the defining parts of Cincinnati. While you’ll likely just drive across it, it’s recommended that you cross it towards the end of the day so you have time to view the murals along the wall of the river.

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