The winter season is finally here and one of our favorite appliances is the hot water heater. Not that we do not usually use it during the other seasons. It’s just that we need the water heater now more than ever. So many people are now rushing off to buy a new water heater or to upgrade their old water heater with a bigger and more efficient model. The new water heater will most certainly make the cold season more conducive. As you are out there shopping for a new water heater, you main considerations will most likely be the cost, size, model, brand, warranty, fuel type, and such other seemingly important factors. But there is one other equally important factor that most of us forget to consider when buying a new water heater — the installation space. You should always consider where you are going to install the new water heater in your house. This will factor in when you are deciding on the type, size, and fuel type of your new water heater. You should always consider the following factors when choosing an installation space for your new water heater.

Type Of The Water Heater

When deciding where you will install your new water heater, you have to consider the type or model of the water heater. There are two main types of water heaters by construction design. There is the storage tank model and the tankless model. Like the name implies, the storage tank model has a reservoir tank for holding or storing the heated water. As such, you will need more space to accommodate the storage tank. And again as the name implies, the tankless model has no reservoir or tank for holding the heated water. Therefore you can install the tankless water heater in a very small space in the house.

Size Of The Water Heater

The size of the water heater is determined by the hot water needs in your household. You have to consider how much hot water you need when buying a water heater. If you have a large household, you have to buy a large water heater to furnish all your hot water needs. But you should always remember that the bigger the water heater, the more space it will require. A big storage tank water heater will require more space to accommodate the large tank. And even if you decide to buy a large tankless water heater, it will still require more space.

Available Space

You should always consider the available space for installing your new water heater. Some people install their water heaters in the basement to save space. But you still have to consider the available space in the basement. You can also install your water heater outdoors in a shaded area to save space.

Energy Source

You should install your new water heater near the power or energy supply line. The water heater has to be powered by electricity, natural gas or propane, solar, geothermal energy etc. It should be placed in a strategic position for easy connectivity.


Your water heater should be easily accessible in case it breaks down and you request Cincinnati water heater repair services. You do not want plumbers spending hours trying to access the device. You should also be able to access the device easily for routine DIY inspections.

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