Helpful Tips For Plumbing Maintenance

Of all the Cincinnati Plumbing services, plumbing maintenance is arguably the most important. Unfortunately, it is also the most neglected. Many people do not initiate plumbing services until something is wrong: when a pipe bursts or a drain clogs. By having routine plumbing maintenance done, however, you can prevent huge plumbing problems from ever happening in the first place. This article will provide some helpful maintenance tips, so that you can stop plumbing headaches in their tracks.

Maintaining Plumbing Appliances

Just like every other aspect of your plumbing, plumbing appliances need to be maintained on a regular basis. Properly maintaining your plumbing appliances will both enhance their performance, and increase their lifespan. Different plumbing appliances have different lifespans. For example, water heaters and water softeners typically last between ten and twenty years (if you maintain these appliances correctly, they will most likely last closer to twenty years, as opposed to ten). Plumbing companies can perform the inspection and repair work necessary to maintain these important appliances. Even if your appliances are working properly, it is recommended that you have them maintained at least once a year.

Maintaining Pipes

Cincinnati gas plumberMaintaining pipes is also very important to the health of your plumbing system. Pipes, especially older pipes, can rust and corrode over time. This can in turn lead to pipe leaks, and even burst pipes. That is why you need to be proactive about pipe maintenance. Doing so will prevent piping problems from occurring. If you have old pipes that are beyond repair, you may need to have them replaced altogether. If you are replacing your pipes, modern PVC piping is the way to go. This piping will last a long time and will be quite resistant to leakage.

Commercial Vs. Residential Maintenance

Plumbing maintenance is important for homes, and it is equally important for businesses. If your business suffers a major plumbing problem, all or part of it will need to be shut down until the problem is fixed. This can greatly affect your bottom line, while also causing huge headaches for you and your staff. This is why it is so important to make sure that your business’ plumbing is properly maintained. This includes maintenance of pipes, plumbing fixtures, and appliances. Keeping up with this important task will help keep your business running smoothly.

Who To Call For Plumbing Maintenance

At this point, you might be wondering who to call for your plumbing maintenance needs. Chances are, you lack the plumbing expertise required to perform proper maintenance (no offense, this is very specialized work!). This is why we recommend that you call a plumbing company in your area. And not just any company—an experienced plumbing company that has received glowing testimonials for its plumbing maintenance services. Check around for a local plumbing service provider that fits the bill. If you are satisfied, contact the company for a quote on plumbing maintenance services. If you find the right company, you can stick with that service for years to come.

Leak Detection 101: A Guide To Detecting Leaks

If you own a home, you will have to deal with plumbing leaks at some point in your life. It may be tempting to panic in these cases, but we are here to assure you that you can breathe easy. With the right knowledge, and the right help, you can have leaks detected and repaired in no time. This article will provide you with some helpful hints regarding leak detection. Read below to find out more.

Water Supply Leak Detection

A leak in your water main line is likely one of the more costly and aggravating leaks that you could face. This is because a leak in the main line can cut off your home’s water supply. In addition, leaks in the main line can cause extensive water damage throughout your home. This is why it is important to call a plumbing company immediately if you suspect a leak in your water main line. If the water in your house stops running unexpectedly, this could be due to a main line leak.

Slab Leak Detection

Slab leaks are also very serious water leaks. Slab leaks happen below ground, occurring in the water supply pipes and drainage/sewer pipes that run underneath your house. Because these leaks happen underground, they tend to be the most difficult leaks to detect. Detection of slab leaks should only be entrusted to an experienced plumber.

Detecting Other Leaks

Cincinnati plumbing companyWhile water main line leaks and slab leaks are two of the most serious types of leaks, there are several other leaks that you should look out for as well. These include:

  • Leaking hot water heaters
  • Shower leaks
  • Leaking toilets
  • Leaking washing machines
  • Leaking faucets

If any of these appliances or fixtures leak, their performance will decrease and your energy bill will go up. Best to detect and repair the leak as soon as possible.

The Sooner, The Better

In fact, sooner is always better when it comes to leak detection and repair. As any plumber will tell you, the longer leaks go untreated, the worse they will get. They could potentially lead to burst pipes, catastrophic water damage, broken appliances, and thousands of dollars in repair and replacement costs. Trust us, you do not want things to get to this point. That is why it is best to call a plumber to come out and perform leak detection services as soon as you suspect a leak.

Who To Call For Leak Detection

At this point, you may be wondering which Cincinnati plumbing repair company to call for leak detection services. We recommend calling a plumber that can perform every type of leak detection service. This is because you might not know what type of service you need. What you suspect to be a leaking bathtub, for instance, could actually be the result of a slab leak. You should also call a plumber who can offer superior leak detection services at the best price. A plumbing company that offers flat rate pricing is ideal.

How A Plumbing Company Can Help You Out With Sewer Repairs

Are you considering having sewer repairs done around your home? Unfortunately, this is one of the most difficult plumbing projects that there is. That being the case, you should certainly not attempt to tackle sewer line repairs yourself. You will need to call a plumbing company that can provide Cincinnati sewer repairs. This article will examine how a plumbing company can help you with sewer repairs. We will cover the following sewer repair services:

  1. Sewer line excavation
  2. Sewer line inspection
  3. Sewer line repair

We will also explain what you should be looking for when you call a plumbing company to help you with your sewer line services.

Sewer Line Excavation

Sewer line excavation is the hardest part of any sewer line repair. It involves digging deep into the earth, and requires extreme diligence. Digging in the wrong place, or doing the job too hastily, can result in thousands of dollars in damage. This is why you need to work with a plumbing company that has decades of experience providing sewer line excavation services. You need to have the contact information of a sewer line excavation service that you can count on.

Sewer Line Inspection

If you suspect that there is a problem with your sewer line, your first order of business will be the sewer line inspection. A plumbing company will be able to perform this service for you. If you have not had a sewer inspection done recently, you will be glad to know that the technology used in the inspection is quite innovative and precise. State-of-the-art cameras are used to pinpoint the problem with your sewer line. Pro tip: find a plumbing company that carries all of its sewer line inspection equipment on its truck, as this will save you time and money.

Sewer Line Repair

Cincinnati sewer plumberIf the inspection turns something up, the next step will be to repair the sewer line itself. An experienced plumbing company will be able to help you with this difficult task as well. You might be surprised at some of the causes of broken sewer lines. Often, they result from seemingly mundane occurrences, such as shifts in the soil, or errant tree roots. Whatever the problem is, an experienced plumbing company will be able to have your sewer line repaired so that it is as good as new.

What To Look For In A Sewer Line Service

As we have mentioned several times in this article, experience is crucial. You should be working with a plumbing company that has been repairing sewer lines for years and years. You should also work with a plumbing company that comes highly recommended for its sewer line services. Check out local testimonials to get the scoop on the quality of work. Finally, you should work with a plumbing company that offers affordable and honest prices for sewer line services. These services are expensive enough without the upcharges and hidden fees. Find a company that will charge you fair, flat rates.

Finding The Right Commercial Plumber For You

Perhaps you have found the perfect plumber for your plumbing needs at home, but are looking for a plumber that can service your business as well. The good news is that some plumbing companies do provide both commercial and residential plumbing services. Below, you will read about some things to look for when hiring a plumbing company that can help out at your commercial property.

Find A Plumbing Company That Provides Site Utilities Services

If you are thinking about beginning a commercial construction project, then you definitely want to hire a commercial plumber that provides site utilities services. Even if you are not planning on taking on a large construction project now, if your business expands, you may find yourself doing so in the future. This is why it is so important to work with a plumbing company that can help you out with site utilities services.

Find A Plumbing Company That Provides Commercial Remodels

Even if you do not need to set up a construction site for your business, you may find that you need to remodel your existing facility. For this reason, you should work with a Cincinnati commercial plumbing company that provides remodeling services. Your commercial plumber should be able to provide all remodeling services, as they relate to plumbing. These services include the following:Cincinnati commercial plumber

  • Repiping
  • Installation of plumbing fixtures
  • Installation of new plumbing appliances

Even if you are not undergoing a full remodel, a plumber that specializes in these services will be able to help setup your upgraded appliances and fixtures.

Find A Plumbing Company That Provides Gas Fitting Services

Gas fitting services are every bit as important as plumbing services, and your commercial plumber should be able to provide you with both services. Gas fitting can be dangerous work, with disastrous results if the job is not done correctly. This is why we strongly recommend working with a commercial plumbing company that employs master gas fitters for its gas fitting services. Anything less will not do.

Find A Commercial Plumbing Company That Has Experience

You should definitely work with a commercial plumbing company that has the experience required to do the job right every time. In fact, we recommend working with a plumbing company whose service technicians have decades of combined experience between them. Similarly, you should work with a plumbing company that has completed several successful commercial projects. This will give you an idea of the company’s capabilities. If the plumbing company that you are considering does not list its successful projects on its website, ask yourself what that company is hiding. It may be that the plumbing company does not have much experience in this regard.

Find A Plumbing Company That Provides Affordable Commercial Plumbing Services

Finally, we recommend working with a commercial plumbing company that offers its services at an affordable price. We also recommend going a step further and finding a commercial plumber that offers flat rate pricing. This way, there will be no hidden fees or unpleasant “surprises.”

A Helpful Guide To Water Heater Installation, Maintenance, And Repair

A water heater is one of the most important appliances in the home. Without a functioning water heater, life at home can be pretty miserable. Despite its importance, many homeowners are unfamiliar with the ins and outs of owning a water heater. Read below to find out more about how to install, maintain, and repair your Cincinnati water heaters.

Types Of Water Heaters

The first thing to understand about water heaters is that there are several different types of water heaters. Some of the most common types are listed below:

  • Gas water heaters
  • Electric water heaters
  • Heat pump water heaters
  • Tankless water heaters

Each of the water heaters mentioned above has its own specific set of pros and cons. You need to weigh these pros and cons, and purchase the water heater that best meets your specific needs and preferences. Also keep in mind that some plumbing companies service specific types of water heaters, while other plumbing companies can work with any type of water heater.

Water Heater Inspection And Maintenance

Cincinnati plumbing companyA water heater should be inspected about once a year, in order to ensure that it is working properly. Of course, if the water heater is making strange sounds, or showing obvious signs of malfunction, an immediate inspection will be necessary. As a rule of thumb, most water heaters tend to last between 10 and 15 years. If your water heater is approaching this age, it is especially important that you stay on top of inspecting and maintaining it. Your plumbing company should be able to perform these important tasks for you. A good plumber will be able to help you get the most out of your water heater.

Detecting Leaks In Water Heaters

One of the most common water heater problems that homeowners deal with is leaks. Leaks are a nuisance because they affect the performance of the water heater, while also raising your utility bill. On top of that, they can cause water damage. To make matters worse, a leak that goes unrepaired can expand and seriously damage your water heater. If you suspect that your water heater is leaking, call a plumbing company that offers leak detection and repair services. Trust us, the sooner you make this call, the better off you will be.

Installing A New Water Heater

Let’s say your water heater has exceeded its 15 year shelf life, and it is time for to install a new water heater.  Again, you want to purchase the type of water heater that is best for you. Perhaps your old water heater is not the ideal make and model for your home. A plumbing company will help you find the best water heater for your family’s needs. They will also be able to help you install it. Water heater installation is a difficult process that you should not attempt yourself. Leave it to the plumbing professionals.

What To Look For In A Local Plumber

When a plumbing emergency happens, or even when routine plumbing work is required, you need a Cincinnati plumber that can get the job done right. Many homeowners often wonder exactly what they should be looking for in a local plumbing company. This article will answer some of those questions. Finding a plumbing company that you can call every time a plumbing issue arises should be a priority. This article will highlight four key things to look for when considering a plumbing company in your area. Read below to find out more.

Contact A Plumber That Provides Emergency Services

Your first order of business should be to find a plumber that provides emergency services. We cannot overstate the importance of this. By “emergency services,” we mean a plumber that provides services around the clock, seven days a week. The reason that this is so important is that plumbing emergencies can happen at any time, even when most plumbing companies are closed. By having the contact information for an emergency plumber, you will be able to get the help that you desperately need, at the moment you need it. You shouldn’t have to wait for a plumbing company to open its doors.

Contact An Experienced Plumber

You should also contact a plumbing company that has years of experience in the industry. There are two levels of experience that you should be looking at: the experience of the company itself, and the combined experience of its staff. Regarding the first point, a company that has been around for decades will be more trustworthy and reliable than a company that has only been around for a few years. Regarding the second point, a company that has been around for decades, but whose staff have all just entered the plumbing industry, will not be able to provide the exceptional level of service that a plumbing company whose plumbing technicians have years of combined experience will be able to provide.

Contact A Plumber That Provides The Services You Need

You also want to contact a plumbing company that provides a wide variety of services. Some companies specialize in specific services, like sewer line repair. When you find a well-rounded company that can effectively perform every type of plumbing service, you will have a one-stop shop that you can count on for all of your plumbing needs. Some common services to look for include:

  • Drain Service
  • Faucet and Sink Service
  • Water Heater Service
  • Gas Plumbing
  • Leak Detection
  • Remodeling
  • Repiping
  • Maintenance
  • Water Softeners
  • Sewer Line Repair

These are the plumbing services that you will most likely need. But, of course, there may be others. Call your plumber to inquire about any services that you might need.

Contact An Affordable Plumber

You also want to make sure that you call a plumbing company that offers affordable flat rate pricing. This means that there will not be upcharges or hidden fees. Also, see if the plumbing company offers an affordable and convenient financing plan.