5 Signs That You Need To Repair Or Replace Your Toilet

Like all other plumbing fixtures and appliances, toilets get worn-out and malfunction with time. But sometimes your new toilet can start malfunctioning because it’s of low quality or because there is a problem in you plumbing system. And remember that you can’t ignore a malfunctioning toilet. You simply can’t live in a house where the toilet is not working properly. You will need to call a professional plumber to fix your malfunctioning toilet. You can call any general plumber to fix your toilet. And if you have a really serious problem in your toilet that requires extensive repairs or even a full toilet replacement, you can always call a specialist plumber who handles Cincinnati sewer repairs for assistance.

Today we are going to discuss five signs that indicate that your toilet needs repairs or total replacement.  If at any point you want a plumber to fix this for you, please take a look at our location map https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?usp=sharing&mid=1r2E1fIQqBZCFo9Ev7M7jGMIY9oUd38Gv  or read about our site here https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HiJxBdmklan7TCpyfPrQmM8WRTCLYmzpI-rorb3rQto/preview

Frequent Clogs

If your toilet is constantly getting clogged, then you need to call a professional plumber to fix the problem. Sometimes we clog our toilets through irresponsible flushing and waste disposal habits. You should never dispose off any other waste expect human waste and tissue paper in the toilet. Avoid flushing paper and clothe napkins and feminine products in the toilet. The toilet is designed for disposing off human waste and tissue paper only. These irresponsible waste disposal habits can cause your toilet to clog. Your toilet can also clog if your sewer lines are blocked. This can be caused by sewer line breakages, tree root intrusion, or clogs in the sewer and drainage system. If your toilet is clogged and overflowing frequently, you should call a professional plumber for assistance.

Toilet Leak

Toilet leaks are some of the messiest plumbing problems in any house. Toilet leaks can occur in the toilet bowl or in the flushing unit or tank. A toilet leak is especially serious because it can flood your bathroom with human waste. If you notice a leak in your toilet bowl or flushing tank, call a professional plumber immediately for a professional fix.

Flushing Problems

A good toilet should flush perfectly. If your toilet is not flushing properly, then you need some repairs. A toilet should be able to flush down all the human waste in it. But sometimes the toilet does not flush everything. This could be an indication of water pressure problems. It could also indicate a problem with the flapper in the flushing tank. Whichever the cause, call a professional plumber as soon as possible.

Running Toilet

Some toilets run all the time. You might notice that your toilet is always running or refilling. This is a clear indication that the flapper in the flushing unit is damaged. It could also indicate that the float is faulty. A constantly running toilet wastes water and can even cause flushing problems. You should contact a professional plumber to fix your constantly running or refilling toilet as soon as possible.

Unusual Sounds

The flushing unit or tank can produce some funny noises if it’s damaged. You might hear hissing sounds or trickling noises in the flushing unit. This is a clear indication that the fill valve and/or float are damaged. If you notice any unusual sounds in the flushing tank, have your toilet inspected immediately by a professional plumber.

3 Signs That You Need To Repair Or Replace Your Sump Pump

Flooding can cause serious property damage and lead to heavy financial losses. Flooding is usually caused by heavy rainstorms. Flooding can also occur when there is a heavy leak in the house. The problem of flooding is easily solved by a device called a sump pump. As the name implies, this electrically or battery powered mechanical device pumps flood water from the house. Sump pumps are usually installed in the basement of the house. They are usually burrowed under the floor of the basement. A sump pump turns itself on automatically when the flood water reaches a certain level. If you live in an area with frequent rainstorms, then you should consider installing two sump pumps.

Cincinnati plumbing maintenanceYou will need to install a main sump pump and a backup sump pump. The main sump pump is usually hooked to the main electrical system. The backup sump pump should be battery powered. This means that the backup sump pump kicks in when the main backup fails due to power blackouts. Remember that blackouts are very common during a rainstorm. Like any other plumbing device, the sump pump gets old and faulty with time. The following are some of the signs that your sump pump requires repair or replacement.

Funny Noises

Many plumbing problems are detected due to funny noises. You can even tell whether your toilet is leaking or not by listening for gurgling noises. You should request Cincinnati leak detection services any time you hear funny noises in your plumbing system. When it comes to the sump pump, the device usually emits a humming noise when it’s on. You can always visit the basement when it’s raining and listen for this humming noise. If your sump pump is dead quiet, then it means that it’s not working. You will notice that the flood water level keeps rising but your sump pump is all quiet. It means that the sump pump is not working. Call a professional plumber immediately for repairs or replacement. You can also notice significant changes in the humming noise produced by your sump pump. This can indicate that the sump pump is heating up or it’s clogged. It can also indicate that the sump pump is faulty. Call your local plumber so that the device can be inspected and repaired or replaced.


Another clear indication that your sump pump is not okay is flooding. When the sump pump is working properly, your basement will not flood. Actually the water will never rise past the sump pump. But if you notice that the sump pump is already covered by water or your basement is flooded, then it means that the sump pump is broken. It should be repaired or replaced immediately. You should test the float switch of your sump pump regularly to ensure that it’s in good working condition. Pour a bucket of water into the sump pit from time to time and see whether the sump pump turns on automatically.

Old Age

Sump pumps do not last forever. You should consider replacing your sump pump after 7 years. If your sump pump is 10 years or older, then you should always be on the lookout for mechanical problems. You should replace a sump pump as soon as it reaches that old age and starts malfunctioning.

Advantages Of Installing A Smart Faucet

Today we have all kinds of smart appliances and gadgets. The plumbing industry has many smart fixtures and appliances that you can use to enhance functionality and to save water and electricity. You can now buy smart washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers, clothes dryers, stoves, and many other appliances. There are very many smart electrical devices including the smart electric meter. We now have smart water meters that are used to curb water wastage and to ensure more accurate readings. Smart water meters monitor your water consumption and issue alerts whenever there is abnormal water usage. The utility company is able to monitor your water usage remotely and to bill you electronically without visiting your home or business premises to read the water meter. One of the most amazing plumbing innovations is the smart faucet. The smart faucet has been around for some time now and it’s really picking up in popularity. The smart faucet can be installed as a faucet or as a device attached to your existing faucets. The following are some of the advantages of installing the smart faucet.

Water Filtration

As mentioned above, the smart faucet can be bought and installed as a whole unit or you can just attach a smart device to your existing faucets. Many people prefer the latter option because it does not involve costly replacements. That is why we are going to talk about this type of smart faucet. The smart faucet has a universal attachment piece that you can attach or screw on to any type of tap. The smart faucet features a water filter that gets rid of most impurities in your water. This device is usually electrically or battery powered. If you get your water from a private well, the smart faucet will help cleanse your water even more. If you live in an area with a hard water problem or where the tap water is not particularly clean, the smart faucet will help improve the quality of your water. The smart faucet also filters water coming from Cincinnati water heaters to ensure that its clean and not contaminated.

Monitor The Water Quality

Cincinnati plumbing servicesThe smart faucet is one of the most amazing devices ever created. The device allows you to monitor the quality of your tap water. You can connect the device to your phone and get notifications regarding the quality of your trap water. The device will measure the amount of contaminants in your water and give you a quality rating. The smart faucet comes with a smart phone app that allows you to receive any local water contamination alerts and notifications.

Monitor Water Consumption

One of the most important advantages of installing a smart faucet is water conservation. The device allows you to monitor water consumption in your house. You can connect the smart faucet to your phone and keep track of water consumption levels in your house. This will enable you to implement water saving tactics in your household. You will also be able to know what times people use a lot of water in your house.

Early Leak Detection

The smart faucet enables you to detect a water leak in your house as soon as it occurs. The device monitors water consumption and any anomalies in water usage. This enables you to detect any water leak as soon as possible.

Why You Should Repair Your Plumbing In A Timely Manner

Your home plumbing system should always be in tiptop condition. Remember that the plumbing system is one of the most critical parts in your home. Your home plumbing system is responsible for supplying clean water in the house. You need this clean water to cook, drink, and clean. The home plumbing system is also in charge of disposing all liquid waste from the house. All those leftover foods that you put in your garbage disposal and all the human waste in your house is taken care of by the home plumbing system. As you can see, the home plumbing system is very important. Not to forget other important plumbing installations like the water heater for all your hot water needs and the sump pump to prevent flooding in your house. But as much as the home plumbing system is important, it’s also very fragile. It can develop problems at any time. This should not worry you because we have professionals who deal with these kinds of problems. They are called plumbers. You should call these plumbing technicians any time you have a serious plumbing issue. The following are some of the reasons why you should implement timely repairs in your plumbing system.

To Avoid Plumbing Disasters

Cincinnati commercial plumbingPostponing plumbing repairs can cause plumbing disasters. Fixing these plumbing disasters can be quite costly. These plumbing disasters can also lead to heavy property damages. That is why you should repair any plumbing problem immediately. Let us take for example a small leak in your water supply pipes. If you do not fix this leak in time, it could deteriorate into a heavy leak and the pipe can even burst. This can flood your house and destroy your valuables and also waste a lot of water, which you will be billed for. Not to mention the fact that you will pay dearly to have the burst pipe fixed. You should call your local plumber for Cincinnati waterline repairs as soon as you notice the water leak. A gas leak is even more serious because it can cause fires and explosions, which can destroy your property and even cause physical injuries or even death. Clogs are very common but they can also cause serious sewer backups, which can flood your house with waste water.

To Save Money

Another reason why you should fix your plumbing system in time is to save money. If you do not repair the plumbing system in time, you will pay a lot of money for the repairs. As one adage says, if you do not seal a crack, you will find yourself building a whole new wall. Plumbing problems deteriorate with time. Today you could have a slow leaking pipe and the pipe could burst tomorrow due to the leak that you ignored today. Plus you will minimize water wastage if you fix the leak in time. Remember you have to pay for all the water that is consumed in your house. Fixing the plumbing will save you a lot of money in water bills.

To Ensure Proper Maintenance Of The Plumbing System

Fixing your faulty plumbing in time will ensure that you maintain an excellent plumbing system. This is very important to ensure that the plumbing system is functioning properly. You will not have any clean or hot water problems and your drainage and sewer system will always be working properly.

Common Flushing Problems And How To Solve Them

The toilet is one of the most important and most delicate plumbing fixtures in the house. The toilet is part of bathroom plumbing and it’s the biggest water consumers in the house. The toilet consumes almost a quarter of all the water used in the house. But you cannot blame this fixture for its heavy water consumption. After all, the toilet is in charge of disposing all human waste from the house. One thing that you should always remember is that the toilet is designed to dispose human waste and tissue paper only. Tissue paper is specially designed to disintegrate in water and hence cannot clog the toilet or the sewer system. Other waste products like paper napkins, feminine hygiene products, and wet wipes should never be flushed in the toilet. All these waste products can cause serious clogs in the toilet. We have all encountered our fair share of toilet problems. Sometimes the toilet is clogged. Other times the toilet is leaking. And you can also find yourself in a messy situation where you use the toilet and then discover that there is no water. Let us look at the most common toilet problems and how you can fix them.

Clogged Toilet

plumbing repair in CincinnatiToilet clogs are some of the most common plumbing problems in any house. Toilet clogs are usually caused by negligent or careless flushing habits. This is where you find someone flushing other solid waste products in the toilet. As stated above, the toilet should only be used to flush human waste and tissue paper. Toilet clogs can also be caused by leaks or clogs deep in the sewer system. Such serious toilet clogs will necessitate professional Cincinnati sewer repairs. But simple toilet clogs can easily be solved with a plunger. A toilet plunger is one of the most useful plumbing tools and every home should have one. If you wish to unclog your toilet with a plunger, just dip the rubber end into your toilet and perform up and down sucking motions until the clog is gone. You can also unclog your toilet with a baking soda and vinegar solution. But if the toilet clog persists, do not hesitate to call your local plumber to have the problem fixed.

No Water

One of the most embarrassing situations is when you use the toilet and then discover that there is no water. The water could be shut off by the utility company due to a water main break or any other maintenance activities. You can also shut off the water due to ongoing plumbing repairs in your home. The good news is that this problem can easily be resolved by flushing the toilet with a bucket of water. You can use any water — clean or dirty — to flush the toilet in such a crisis. Just dump a bucket of water in the toilet bowl and the whole problem is solved.

Leaking Toilet

Another common toilet problem is a leaking toilet. The toilet can develop a leak in the toilet tank, the toilet bowl, or even the connecting pipes. You can have serious flushing problems if the toilet bowl is cracked and leaking. It can really mess things up because the bathroom floor can flood with human waste. You should inspect your toilet regularly to ensure that it’s not leaking. If you notice a leak, call a professional plumber for a permanent fix.

Tips To Avoid Water Meter Reading Scams

Scams and thievery are very common in our modern world. Some immoral people prefer to steal from others instead of working to earn their fair share. One of the most disturbing scams involves utility companies. The utility companies are not actually involved in this scam but some thieving folks use these companies to steal from people. These scammers arrive on your doorstep and pretend to be utility workers. They can pretend to work for your local electrical, water, or cable company. You will then have to admit them into your house so that they can read your water or electrical meter or check your cable network. Once inside the house, these marauders can do anything. They can harm you or your family. They can also steal valuables like money and jewelry while you are not looking. Utility companies are always warning people against trusting anyone who wanders into their homes and requests admission to inspect the meters. Here are a few tips to avoid water or electrical meter reading scams.

Check The Company Logo

All utility companies have logos. These companies always ensure that their workers have the proper uniforms imprinted with their official logos on them. They do not allow their workers to go on meter reading missions without the proper uniform bearing their official logos. That is why you should always check the company logo on the front or the back of the shirt or uniform worn by the utility worker. But some scammers have even gone a step further and copied these logos. They have designed their own uniforms bearing these logos and this can be very confusing. These professional scammers can show up on your doorstep bearing the exact logo of your utility company. That is why you should always consider all the four tips listed here to ensure that you do not fall prey to these meter reading scammers.

Check The Identification Badge

In addition to checking the uniform of the worker for the official logo of your utility company, you should also scrutinize the badge very carefully. All utility workers are issued with official badges to indicate their rank and to confirm the fact that they work for that particular utility company. Like every other identification card, these badges are produced whenever necessary. The utility worker should produce this badge when he visits you home. You should take time to inspect the badge carefully to ensure that it belongs to that particular utility worker and also that the badge is authentic. Of course people can forge these badges nowadays. That is why we have already advised you to use all the tips discussed in this article.

Know Your Plumbing System

Cincinnati commercial plumbingThe first thing that you should do when you buy a house or rent a commercial building is to acquaint yourself with the plumbing system. If you are a homeowner, you can call a residential plumber to show you around the plumbing system. If you are a business owner, you can seek the assistance of a Cincinnati commercial plumbing company to teach you everything in your plumbing system. One of the main reasons of doing this is to learn where the water meter is. If it’s situated outdoors, then you should not let anyone enter your house to read the water meter.

Install A Smart Water Meter

A smart water meter will keep scammers out of your home. If you install a smart water meter, the utility company will monitor your water consumption remotely and bill you electronically. They will be no scammers visiting your home.

Care And Maintenance Tips For A Sump Pump

One of the most serious plumbing emergencies that you can suffer in your home is flooding. Flooding can be caused by many hazards. There are natural causes of flooding and man-made hazards that can also cause flooding. The main natural cause of flooding is heavy rainstorms. If you live in an area where heavy rainstorms occur frequently, then you can suffer flooding problems from time to time. You will need to install a sump pump in your basement to keep the water from flooding the house. One common man-made causes of flooding is pipe leakages. The pipe that you install in your house can start leaking heavily leading to flooding. This can be very destructive to your possessions and the house. Heavy leaking pipes are not a very serious cause of flooding because you can easily turn off the water at the main shutoff valve when you notice a leak and hence avoid the whole problem of flooding. But you should also remember that heavy water leaks can occur when you are away from the house. That is why you should always install a sump pump to keep the water out of the house. As you can see, sump pumps are very important plumbing devices. That is why you should implement the following care and maintenance tips for your sump pump.

Regular And Proper Cleaning

A sump pump is a mechanical plumbing device that pumps flood water out of the house. Sump pumps are usually burrowed in the basement floor. These devices are electrically powered and they usually start pumping flood water automatically when it reaches a certain level. Flood water contains all kinds of dirt and debris. This means that a sump pump requires regular and thorough cleaning to get rid of all this dirt and debris. Otherwise the device will get clogged and stop working. And then you will have to request Cincinnati plumbing repair services to have the device repaired. You can avoid all these problems if you clean your sump pump regularly and properly. Start by cleaning the filter screen and then proceed to the drain line. Then disconnect the device and take it outside so that you can hose the whole unit. Clean the sump pit where the sump pump is burrowed before reinstalling it.

Proper Positioning

plumber in CincinnatiYou should check the positioning of your sump pump regularly. A sump pump should always be positioned upright. When the sump pump is working, it vibrates a lot. These vibrations can topple the sump pump. If the sump pump topples and stays on its side, it cannot work properly. In fact the sump pump can be damaged if it stays in this position. Inspect your sump pump regularly to ensure that it’s positioned correctly and that it’s standing upright.

Test The Float Switch

One of the most important parts in a sump pump is the float switch. This is the switch that activates or turns on the sump pump automatically when the flood water reaches a certain level. You should test the float switch regularly to ensure that it’s still sensitive. This is a simple test where you pour a bucket of water into the sump pit and check whether the sump pump starts automatically. This test ensures that the float switch is working properly and will hence activate the sump pump automatically during a flood.

Professional Inspections

You should hire a professional plumber to inspect your sump pump at least once a year. He will check all the parts and tell you whether the device requires repairs or replacement.

Critical Plumbing Areas That Require Special Care And Maintenance

The home plumbing system requires a lot of care and maintenance. But there are some critical areas that require special care and maintenance. These areas are considered critical because they play very important roles in the plumbing system. Critical areas in the plumbing system include the hot water heater, the drainage and sewer system, and the water supply piping network. You should also pay special attention to all the plumbing control systems, such as the water meter, gas and water shutoff valves, and the electrical breaker boxes. This is not to say that you should only focus on these areas and neglect the rest of the plumbing system. It only means that you should pay more attention to these critical areas. For instance, you should make a point of inspecting these critical parts of the plumbing system at least once every week if you have the time. You should also make a point of hiring a professional plumber in Cincinnati to thoroughly inspect these critical areas every few months. This article highlights the critical areas in the plumbing system and tells us why they are so important.

The Plumbing Control Systems

The plumbing control systems are those switches and meters that control and monitor the operation of the plumbing system. These control systems are used to access various resources, such water, gas, and electricity. The main gas and water shutoff valves are very important installations because they allow water and gas to flow into the house. You can use these systems to shut down all water and gas access in your house. You should make a point of checking these valves from time to time to ensure that they are functioning properly. The gas, water, and electrical meters are other important plumbing control systems. They monitor our consumption and charge us our bills. Make sure that they are always in excellent condition to avoid unfair billing. The electrical breaker box is where you turn off all power in the house. This device should be inspected regularly to ensure that it’s fully functional.

The Sewer System

The drainage and sewer system should be afforded extra care and maintenance. This system is responsible for the disposal of all liquid waste in your house. The drainage and sewer system includes the drainage and sewer fixtures, such as toilets and showers. It also includes all the drainage and sewer pipes and the septic tank if you have installed one in your home. All drainage and sewer lines should be inspected regularly by a professional plumber. Professional plumbers use underground sewer camera inspections to check the condition of your underground drainage and sewer lines. You can inspect the septic tank on your own from time to time but it should also be inspected by a professional plumber every few months.

The Water Supply Piping Network

The pipes that supply water in your house should be inspected regularly and thoroughly to ensure that they are in excellent condition. Check these pipes regularly to ensure that they are not leaking. You should also test the water pressure to ensure that it’s okay.

The Hot Water Heater

The water heater furnishes all your hot water needs. This critical installation should be inspected regularly to ensure that the tank is not leaking or corroded. The temperature and pressure (T&P) valve should also be inspected regularly to ensure that it’s working properly.

Advantages Of Trenchless Pipe Repair And Replacement

Trenchless pipe repair and replacement has easily overtaken the traditional dig-and-replace method to become one of the most popular plumbing technologies in use today. Trenchless technology is popular in many other technical fields more specifically the civil engineering and construction industries. Just like the name implies, trenchless technology does not involve digging trenches. The plumber simply digs two holes to access the start and the end of the pipe. If the pipe requires repairs, then the resin for patching up the pipe is inserted at one end and guided through to the other end. If the pipe needs replacing with a new one, the new pipe is inserted inside the old pipe and pulled through to emerge at the other end. Except for the two holes at both ends of the pipe, there is no other disturbance on the ground under which the pipe runs. As you can see, trenchless technology is quite amazing. Traditionally, plumbers were forced to dig up your yard for the entire length of the damaged pipe in order to implement repairs or to replace it. This is no longer necessary. Let us look at the main reasons why trenchless pipe repair and replacement has become so popular.

Less Intrusive

Cincinnati plumbing servicesNow that you know how trenchless technology works, you can easily tell that it’s less intrusive. Imagine having your perfectly landscaped yard all dug up to repair or replace a damaged underground sewer line. This can be really inconvenient and costly considering that you will have to pay for the landscaping of your yard again after the sewer line repairs. Modern plumbers combine trenchless technology with sewer camera inspections to create a very accurate plumbing solution for sewer line problems. The underground sewer camera inspections do not involve digging your yard to inspect your sewer lines. The plumber inserts a remote-controlled waterproof video camera in your sewer lines and then moves the entire length of the pipe to inspect its interior condition. He will pinpoint the exact faults in your sewer lines and determine where to drill the two holes that are required for trenchless pipe repair and replacement. It’s all very convenient and neat.

Faster And Cheaper

With the traditional dig-and-replace method, many plumbing technicians and heavy machinery was required to dig up your yard. This was both expensive and time consuming. But with trenchless pipe repair and replacement, only a few technician and basic equipment are required to do the job. Trenchless pipe repair and replacement is a cheaper and faster plumbing service in Cincinnati.


The gaping holes used to access underground sewer lines in the traditional dig-and-replace method pose a very serious risk. Plumbers and other people can fall in these holes and get hurt. The good thing about trenchless pipe repair and replacement is that no such dangerous holes are dug during the procedure.


Because there is minimal ground intrusion with the trenchless method, the natural environment is preserved. Your yard will remain immaculate and the vegetation cover will not be destroyed. That is why trenchless pipe repair and replacement is considered environmentally friendly.

High Quality Plumbing

With trenchless technology, plumbers use high quality plumbing materials. This method is used to replace low quality sewer pipes with high quality ones. You can be assured that the pipes repaired or replaced using trenchless technology are of very high quality and will hence last for a very long time.

How To Prevent Toilet And Drain Clogs At Home

Toilet and drain clogs are among the nastiest plumbing problems. For starters, they are very common. They occur very frequently and they can really mess things in your house. When your sink and shower drains are clogged, you will notice that the waste water won’t flow down the drainage pipes into the sewer system. Toilet clogs are even worse because they can cause severe sewer backups. You kitchen and bathroom will start flooding with liquid waste when your toilet and drains are clogged. The good news is that you can easily prevent toilet and drain clogs from occurring in your house. But the truth is that you can’t really prevent clogs from occurring. Some clogs are caused by external factors that we can’t control. But you can minimize the occurrence of toilet and drain clogs by doing the following.

Proper Flushing Habits

The funny thing about most plumbing problems is that they are caused by our own negligence and carelessness. You can really trim that plumbing repair bill by being more responsible. For instance, you can avoid toilet clogs by adopting responsible flushing habits. Toilet clogs are mainly caused by bad waste disposal habits. One thing that you should know about the toilet is that it’s designed for flushing human waste and tissue paper only. You should never flush any solid waste in the toilet. In fact you should not use the toilet to dispose any other thing except human waste and tissue paper. If you remain true to this flushing policy, then you will not suffer those frequent toilet clogs in your house.

No Grease In The Sink

Another example of how you can avoid plumbing repair in Cincinnati is by using your sinks properly. You should never dump fats, oils, and greases in your sinks. When this kind of waste accumulates in your drainage pipes, it coagulates to form muck. It traps any other solid waste to form a very serious clog in your drainage pipes. You can always dispose oils, fats, and greases in your garbage bin. You should always be very careful when cleaning utensils by hand to avoid dumping grease in the sink.

Use The Garbage Bin

plumbing repair in CincinnatiWe cannot overemphasize the importance of using the garbage bin to dispose of solid waste. Even if you have a garbage disposal under your sink, you should still opt for the garbage bin as much as possible. For starters, using the garbage bin instead of the garbage disposal saves you water and energy. You will trim your water and energy bill significantly if you stick to the bin. The other advantage of using the garbage bin is that you do not run the risk of clogging your sink drains. The moment you allow solid waste to go down your drains, that is when you start creating your clog. This solid waste can be trapped in the drainage pipes to cause a very serious clog.

Install Screen Traps

A simple solution to prevent sink and shower drain clogs is the installation of screen taps. Shower drain clogs are usually caused by the accumulation of hair, pieces of soap, and other debris in the shower drain pipes. All these things pass through the shower drain hole to clog your pipes. A screen trap will catch all manner of debris and solid waste before it goes through to clog your drainage pipes.