Malls That You Can Shop At In Cincinnati, OH

If you are looking for a mall to go to with your family while you are in Cincinnati, OH, there are many options that you can choose from! Malls are a great place for shopping and eating, and typically have a large variety of stores for everyone. Learn information about Cincinnati, OH.

Two malls that you can visit while you are in the city of Cincinnati, OH include:

  • Brentwood Plaza Shopping Center

  • Western Hills Square

Brentwood Plaza Shopping Center

Brentwood Plaza Shopping Center is a shopping center that you can visit in the city of Cincinnati, OH. At Brentwood Plaza Shopping Center, they have all sorts of shops and restaurants, including Kroger’s, Rainbow, GameStop, Petco, Dollar General, KFC, Burger King, and much more. Discover facts about 2 Malls To Shop At In The City Of Cincinnati, OH.

Western Hills Square

Another shopping mall that you can visit in Cincinnati, OH is Western Hills Square. This shopping center is a 257,953 square foot shopping location that has many large stores. With big names like Walmart, Kroger, and PetSmart this is a busy location that is even accompanied by a police department for the city. If you are interested in shopping with your entire family, this is a great place to go.