Escape Rooms To Visit While With Your Family In The City Of Cincinnati, OH

If you are ever looking for a fun place to have fun with your family and friends in Cincinnati, OH, escape rooms are the perfect place! Escape room centers are a great place to bring a group of people as they require teamwork to solve the fun and unique puzzles! Further facts about Cincinnati, OH can be found here.

Two escape room centers that you can visit while you are in the city of Cincinnati, OH include:

  • OTR Escape

  • Cincinnati Escape Room

OTR Escape

OTR Escape is a Cincinnati, OH escape room location that you would enjoy! At this location, they have multiple escape room themes! The escape rooms that they have at this location include Bank Robbery, The Looper, and Backstage Pass. Each room has a 60-minute duration to complete, and when you do so you can win a prize! Information about 2 Escape Room Centers Located In The City Of Cincinnati, OH can be found here. 

Cincinnati Escape Room

In Cincinnati, OH, Cincinnati Escape Room is another escape room center that a lot of people enjoy. This location offers 60-minute escape durations and has many escape rooms available, such as 221B Baker Street, The Upside Down, and Prison Break.